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          Hi, my name is Michael Gillaspia. I am the 14 year owner of Texas Truck Sales. In the last few years I have seen a growing need for secondary financing in our area. More and more of my neighbors and customers could not secure a truck loan because of “BAD CREDIT “I think 80% of the people who come into my store have some type of credit problems. It’ not fair, I guess it is the sign of our times. Through no fault of your own, you have been labeled a credit risk. “YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON WITH BAD CREDIT” Well I decided to do something to help people like you out. I have hired a seasoned pro in the area of “SPECIAL FINANCING” ALTHE LOAN ARRANGER” “THE FASTEST APPROVAL IN THE WEST” AL has 20 years’ experience helping thousands of people just like you obtain a car or truck loan. He does it without embarrassing you. He does it with understanding and empathy; he understands the situation you are in. AL has a 99% loan approval rate, if AL can’t get you a loan no one can.

AL not only helps you get a loan but he likes to think he is rebuilding people’s lives, rebuilding their credit situation. The fastest way to rebuild your credit is to get an auto loan. Not a phony auto loan like you would get in a” buy here pay here store” or as they call it” in house financing” but with a real loan with a major finance company or bank. A loan that is reported to all the major credit reporting bureaus. Doing your new loan is the only and best way to improve your credit score. Getting an auto loan can raise your credit score as much as 100 points.

Come in and let AL help you find a quality used truck. At Texas Trucks you get to pick the truck you want out of a large versified inventory. Either upscale show trucks or good quality work trucks. You choose the truck you want and we help you buy it.” Buy here pay here stores” jam you into some piece of junk they want you to have, you get no say so. They think because you have had some credit problems they can push you around and treat you badly. That’s not the way you will be treated at our store, I promise.


1. Call AL for a personal assessment of your credit situation. He can analyze and guide you through the loan process.

2. At the same time fill out our on line credit application for AL to look at. Hit the Credit Application tab on our web site to get to our credit app.

3. In order to get a loan you will need to have a current job for at least 3 months.

4. You will need a minimum income of $1600 per month.

5. You must have a good substantial down payment of at least 20%. **REMEMBER THE MORE YOU PUT DOWN THE LOWER YOU PAYMENTS WILL BE AND THE BETTER THE TRUCK YOU CAN BUY!**

6. You will need one month’s proof of income. Check stubs are the normal way to do this. If you are self-employed you will need your bank statements for two months.

7. You will need to prove where you live. You will need a utility bill or a piece of mail sent to you with your name and address on it. It must match the address you put on your credit application. Examples, a Comcast bill, a water or electric bill.

8. You need a phone bill. You must have a phone bill to get a loan. If you don’t have one go buy a pay as you go phone at AT&T.

9. A Texas driver’s license.

Let me, Michael Gillaspia, owner of Texas Truck Sales, and AL (THE LOAN ARRANGER) have the opportunity to help get a truck loan. I promise you we will do it in a timely manner and handle your loan with courtesy and respect. YOU’RE THE CUSTOMER; WE NEED YOUR BUSINESS, AND WOULD APPRECIATE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOU.


We provide low interest loans from local credit unions to out of area/state customers who have A, B and C credit ratings. We also provide 2nd chance financing to those who have had hard times. Proof of income is required to process loan applications.

Call Today 281-337-TRUCK (8782)

**Finance companies and credit unions require a 2% deposit to start the credit seeking process, this
deposit is returnable if you apply for it in writing no later than 48 hours from the time you apply.**

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